Transistor NPN Si 2N2219

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Fabricant: MOTOROLA
Appellation fabricant: 2N 2219 et 2N 2219 A
Composant neuf

Material of transistor: Si
Polarity: npn
Maximum collector power dissipation (Pc): 800mW
Maximum collector-base voltage (Ucb): 60V
Maximum collector-emitter voltage (Uce): 30V
Maximum emitter-base voltage (Ueb): 5V
Maximum collector current (Ic max): 800mA
Maximum junction temperature (Tj): 175°C
Transition frequency (ft): 250MHz
Collector capacitance (Cc), Pf: 8
Forward current transfer ratio (hFE), min/max: 100MIN
Manufacturer of 2N2219 transistor: STE
Package of 2N2219 transistor: TO5
Application of 2N2219 transistor: High-speed switching applications